Friday Favorite – Lucille Ball

When I was a kid, I Love Lucy used to come on after the morning cartoons. I’d watch TV in the mornings until about 10am. Because the show was in black and white, I wasn’t intrigued by the opening song and never really gave the show a chance.

Then one day I was too lazy to change the channel or couldn’t find the remote or whatever (nothing much has changed, really), but who cares. I sat through the opening credits and my life was changed forever. All of a sudden I was making that face. You know the face.

I wanted to wear little hats with veils like her, and I even tried to sew a bunch of lace and flowers to an old sundress to make it into a ballgown just like the one she and Ethel wore while singing “Friendship.” This is the closest I’ve found to a real one, but no flowers or sashes. I love love LOVE her wardrobe on the show!!

Speaking of, I want this!!

When Lucy died, I was only just a little girl, and I was really sad about it. I had only been a fan for a few months, but she’s one of the few performers I wish I’d met while still alive.

I still can’t believe she kept a “one-take” policy on set. If you got in her way (literally), you got run over (literally!).

Here’s a video of Desi remembering his time with Lucy. Wonderful.

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