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I used to sing onstage, but now I sing at home!

My name is Yvonne de Salle, and I’m a singer-actor on a selective hiatus. Maybe I’ll make it back onstage someday, but for now I’m perfectly happy making up nursery rhymes and songs for and about my two daughters. Sometimes the songs go off the rails pretty ridiculous, but life’s too short, so just keep singing!

Life as a “sing-at-home mom” to two beautiful and rambunctious girls is an adventure, for sure. They are my biggest fans and harshest critics. Parenting sometimes make my mom’s voice comes out of my mouth and that is terrifying.

Letting go of my career aspirations was probably one of the most painful transitions I’ve ever been through. I went through a deep mourning period, and a lot of personal reconciliation with who I was, what I looked like before children, and everything I am now. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I just didn’t feel like chasing that dream anymore, and whatever that meant was incredibly scary.

I do miss performing. I miss it a lot. It took a long time for me to come to peace with my “selective” hiatus. From time to time I lend my voice to a project or two and that is enough. 

Life before our daughters was simpler, but for the life of us, my husband and I can’t remember it, at least not in the definition of what a memory is. We have memories without the girls in them, yes, but I guess what I’m trying to say is…we would never ever go back to them.


About this blog.

I’ve blogged on and off since I was 17, from Geocities (omg) to my own website This blog represents who and where I am now. All those old entries have been archived somewhere. Maybe I’ll resurrect them someday, but it’s just too daunting.

The term “Mommy blogger” gives me the hives, even though this is a “mom blog.”

I will very rarely show my kids’ faces. Their privacy is important to me. They may make an appearance now and then, but less so as they get older. They’re sometimes on my Instagram if you’re dying for a dose of Hapa cuteness!

I will only accept sponsored posts from bloggers I personally know and brands I use regularly. This is why.

Anything else? Shoot me a message!