Was it Love or Was it Showmance?

“What happens in summerstock stays in summerstock.” Or does it?

Mama Needs Another Break!

It’s that time of year again: blog hiatus time! I took a two month break from posting on the blog and social media last year and I’ve decided it will be a yearly tradition to clear my mind and refresh my love for this blog.

Not Your Mother’s Mother’s Day Broadway Musical Playlist, by Becky Potter

If you want songs about motherly love, musical songs about motherhood, show tunes sung by moms, to mom, about moms, by children, to children, about children…we got you covered!

Setting Boundaries as Artists and New Parents by Alexandra Devin, LCAT, RDT

I want to indulge my artist self, and yet my child’s needs and my own guilt keep me in a tug of war. I serve others in my work and I serve my child outside of that.  I often find myself wondering, where is there time for me?

How My Directing Degree Helped Me as a Work-at-Home Parent, by Cindy Marie Jenkins

I really had to channel my inner director standing in a rehearsal room with a plan, only to be met with obstacles from an actor or wrangling through a completely new perspective on the scene we hadn’t considered before.


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