Gift Guide for Actors (UPDATED!)

Unsure of what to buy the actor in your life? This gift guide will help you choose the perfect gift for actors this holiday season.

Broadway Baby Names, 2021

If you’re looking for a Broadway baby name, here is a list of all the character names in all musicals on Broadway that opened/reopened in 2021.

GUEST POST: Why I Quit Acting, a Retrospective by Becky Potter

I used to love acting and diving into a character. Now, I feel tired, and quite frankly a little cynical  just thinking about it.  When I think about what I want to do versus what I have been doing I just can’t get that excited about performing.

How Being an Actor Makes You A Better Mom

Your theater degree may not always land you an acting job, but it will prepare you for parenthood in ways you’ve never imagined! Here’s how being an actor makes you a better mom!

Back to School Essentials for 2021

In addition to the list of school supplies provided by your child’s school, here are my own recommendations for back to school essentials!

I am Filipino.

I am Filipino.

“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.”It’s been a fkn month. Hell, it’s been a year. This post started out as a “how-to” on handling your emotional triggers, but it absolutely refused. No matter how long I sat here, the screen remained blank....

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