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10 Ways To Handle Rejection as an Actor

The disappointment of rejection may not ever go away, but learning to deal with it is a skill that every actor should learn.

Unsolicited Advice Is Like Giving Another Actor a Note

One of the most obnoxious things any parent experiences is the wonder and bullshit of unsolicited advice. It is intrusive, manipulative, and ANNOYING.

Easy 4 Ingredient Naan Pizza

Here is an EASY and quick 4 ingredient naan pizza recipe that the kids will LOVE! They can even help you cook it. It’s THAT easy!

How To Throw a Zoom Birthday Party for KIDS

If you are a mom looking for a fun birthday party idea, or an actor looking for a way to make some money during this difficult time, look no further!

10 Reasons You Need a Backstage Account

Backstage is the premier trade publication for the entertainment industry. Here are 10 reasons why actors of every level can benefit from a subscription!

Easy and Cheap DIY Birthday Party Favors!

Easy and Cheap DIY Birthday Party Favors!

When planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party last year, I was thinking of what kinds of awesome and easy DIY Birthday Party Favors I could make that would actually be used and played with. I didn’t want to fill up a goodie bag with a bunch of dollar store stuff and candy. These party favors needed to be practical, inexpensive, and most importantly, FUN!

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How Motherhood Changes You As An Actor

How Motherhood Changes You As An Actor

Motherhood is terrifying. I spend all day of every single day making sure my daughters don’t choke, or fall, or hit their heads, or run into the street or fall off the porch. I imagine going back to these roles after becoming a mother would be very difficult emotionally. How would I shed the rehearsal “high” and realign my brain back to the real world? Would it be like a really bad trip? How long would the recovery period be after the show closes?

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My name is Yvonne de Salle, and I’m a singer-actor on a selective hiatus. Maybe I’ll make it back onstage someday, but for now I’m perfectly happy making up nursery rhymes and songs for and about my two daughters. Sometimes the songs go off the rails pretty ridiculous, but life’s too short, so just keep singing! Read more…

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