Several years ago, I came across this new profile on Instagram, Fetch Dog Fashions. Oh the clothes were so cute, and I was trying to get my dog to be instafamous, so I approached the shop owner Heidi and asked her if my dog could model for her. Graciously, she said yes.

She sent over a t-shirt hoodie and a winter coat (which was so helpful because it was a very hard winter that year) and being a small and jittery Chihuahua mix who loves to wear shirts, he loved it.

I took these pictures for her to use in her marketing in exchange and ohhhh I gained a lot more respect for photographers that day. But I had a lot of fun! AND LOOK AT MY DOG OMG HE’S SO HANDSOME.

Heidi loves fashion, she loves dogs. You can see that in the quality of her work. Visit her Instagram and the love for what she does is apparent. She is a kind, hardworking and big hearted person and I am so glad to know her.

Donut isn’t instafamous, but he’s got good friends and followers, especially Heidi and Fetch Dog Fashions.

From Fetch’s website:

“Fetch Dog Fashions came from a love of dogs and a love of fashion! All of the dog clothing in my Etsy collection is handmade. In addition I can do special orders which is a great option for birthdays, weddings, holidays and special occasions!  Thank you for supporting Fetch Dog Fashions!  When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream!”

If you are looking for a gift for your dog or for the dog lovers you know, please support a small business this holiday season and shop at Fetch Dog Fashions!

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