To backpack off our latest blog post “Coming to Terms With Not Playing Your Dream Roles” and an oldie but goodie “Ten Ways to Handle Rejection as An Actor,” here are some other points of view that you may find helpful.

Never getting cast as your dream role sucks. It sucks a whole bunch more when you realize you’re too old to be considered for that role anymore.

Many years ago, a former roommate of mine, upon walking into the room and seeing my despondent face as a result of seeing a cast list with my name not on it said, simply, “It just wasn’t your day.”

Nope, it wasn’t. And it just wasn’t my role.

It took me a long time, but I’ve moved forward from it for the most part.  There are days it hits hard but the time between those days gets longer and longer. I wish this true for you on your journey.

How to Deal with Casting Disappointment

Maison Kelly writes about the experience of auditioning and the disappointment that comes with not getting the role, something we are all familiar with. They highlight the need to remain loyal to one’s passion and advises against wallowing in bitterness for too long, encouraging actors to focus on opportunities that may be forthcoming and using disappointment as motivation.

The Real Reason You’re Not Playing Your Dream Roles Yet

Drawing upon her own personal experience, Ashlee Espinosa shares valuable insights on why your dream roles remain out of reach. She discusses the different factors that influence casting decisions and offers advice on increasing your chances of success. Empowering actors to take control of their careers, Ashlee focuses on encouraging a journey of authentic self-discovery.

How to Cope with Losing Your Dream Role in a School Production 

Written for school and college-aged actors, this article still brings up familiar feelings for those of us (using the medical term for pregnant people over 35) of “advanced maternal age.”  Tony Rossi shares several insights on the ever hated practice of nepotism, and other (less painful) factors of casting needs that are influenced by the director’s vision. Tony shares personal anecdotes, emphasizing the importance of always being prepared and doing your best.

How to Deal When You Don’t Get The Role

Actress Brittany Strelluf advises actors who, despite their passion and talent and hard work, still don’t get the role they so desire. Offering sage wisdom such as avoiding impulsive reactions, learning new skills, exploring different roles within the production and eventually growing and learning, Brittany emphasizes the importance of personal growth and resilience.

Dealing with Rejection: Sometimes It is Just Not Your Role

This article from Actor Hub discusses the challenges of dealing with rejection, highlighting the disappointment that comes with not getting desired roles. It reminds us that these things aren’t necessarily a reflection of our talent or effort. Sometimes, the role just isn’t yours. What will be, will be.