This May for Mother’s Day, I am taking a cue from The Nap Ministry and taking a 2 month break from the blog and social media. Possibly the Etsy shops as well. 

I am tired. I am bored. I picked up my crochet hook a few weeks ago, found a sweater pattern online and was lost in a peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was true self-care. Something I did for me, only for me. Not for money, but for the joy.

The Nap Ministry operates with the belief that REST IS RESISTANCE. That resonated with me. American values dictate that we work work work. Productivity is good, rest is bad. Do something all the time. Make money grind grind grind till you die bla bla bla…

I need to get more sleep. I want to feather our nest. I want to spend more time with my kids.

Detoxing from technology is going to suck. I’ve been attached to my computer and devices for years. I need to log out for awhile. I need to READ A BOOK instead of scrolling on Facebook. My writing has become so stilted, so stunted. Because I. Am. Bored. I. Am. Tired. And frankly, there are more important things I should be concentrating on right now.

For one, I’m co-writing a play with a friend of mine. We are still in the outline stage but I haven’t felt this excited about anything performance related in a long time. I can tell you that it’s a family drama, based on bits and pieces from our lives.

And secondly, I gotta get this VO thing really going! I recently read the poem “Holiday” by Filipino-American poet Sarah Gambito for the podcast “One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You” hosted by my friend Ryan Biracree. Give it a listen!

So I’m going to pause everything for now and put my focus elsewhere for awhile. Refresh and recharge. I might tinker with my Etsy shops but I sell digital products so I don’t really have inventory to keep up with. And buy some additional VO equipment!

My parents are planning a trip out here soon and I want to concentrate on spending time with them instead of making them babysit so I can work on my blog. It’s a passion project, and I need to rekindle that passion and reevaluate mine and its trajectory by taking a break.

For how long? I’m going to follow The Nap Ministry and say TWO MONTHS!

See you in July!