As a follow-up to my most recent post on professional jealousy, I’ve put together a collection of blog articles that dive deep into the complexities of envy and its impact on an actor’s career and mental health. In these blogs, you’ll find strategies that can help you transform your career jealousy into a driving force for personal and creative growth. They offer valuable insights, perspectives, advice, and yes, even virtual hugs, as you navigate the challenging journey of working through your professional jealousy. So, let’s dive in and explore these resources together.

Jealousy: The Best Fuel For My Creativity

In this introspective piece, Cory Wexler Grant explores his deep connection to jealousy and how it has impacted his career. Cory harnesses the green eyed monster and uses it as fuel for creativity and productivity. He discusses how jealousy ignites his passion and inspires him to write and create, ultimately leading to the completion of his film “Painter,” which delves into the destructive nature of jealousy.

On Jealousy between actors (and shoving that bitch of an emotion away!)

Actor Zedrick Restauro illustrates jealousy’s destructive nature among performing artists and fights the instinct to give in. He highlights the importance and benefits of supporting your peers’ achievements and transforms envy into motivation, personal growth and career progress.

How to Deal With Career Envy

Tom Baker talks about the commonality of career envy and offers advice on managing it productively. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing that jealousy is normal in a competative industry such as ours, and suggests putting focus on our own personal growth and finding inspiration from others rather than allowing envy to negatively affect our mindset.

The Secret to Overcoming Jealousy & Competition in Acting

Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown challenges the idea of competition and encourages actors to embrace their true and unique selves. Emphasizing individuality and authenticity, they implore actors to focus on being the best version of themselves over comparing their journeys to others.

How to Overcome Jealousy

Teri Wade explores how actors can use jealousy into motivation. Describing jealousy as an indicator of deep desire, actors are encouraged to dig deep into the reasons behind their envy and clarify the reasons contributing to feelings of incompetence. Offering advice on turning negative feelings into positive statements, actors can overcome jealousy and find inspiration to achieve their goals.

Seven Ways to Deal With Jealousy As An Actor

Joshua Shediak provides actors with a list of techniques for actors to cope with feelings of jealousy. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on the journey and reminding yourself that your art can be of service to others, this post encourages actors to embrace their own uniqueness.

The Envy Advantage

Reflecting on how feelings of envy are often suppressed, actor Tahlia Norrish shares her personal approach to dealing with negative emotions. Rather than succumbing to bitterness, Tahlia encourages celebrating the success of your peers with your whole heart, using their wins as inspiration to elevate your efforts.

Remember, professional envy is a natural emotion experienced by many actors, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. The articles above offer valuable insights and strategies for transforming jealousy into motivation and growth. Embrace your journey, celebrate others’ successes, and instead of dwelling in despair, use that  jealousy as fuel to propel yourself forward. With resilience and passion, you can shape a successful and fulfilling career, on or off the stage.

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