I remember when I found out I was pregnant.  I took four tests JUST to make sure! The minute after peeing on the stick was literally the longest minute of my life! The second I saw those four positives, everything literally went blank.  The second after that, a list of everything we needed to buy starts rolling in my head. Diapers, crib, clothes, bibs, bottles, toys omigod so many toys…and the dog…the dog hates everyone! Will he hate the baby?


It’s all so overwhelming. (BTW the dog LOVES the baby…LOVESSSSS…)


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After the initial joyous shock wore off, my husband and I started to plan. The list that was rolling around in my head made its way on paper. Over the next nine months, we weighed the pros and cons of different baby items, cloth vs. disposable diapers, get a swing or not (GET ONE), etc. One of the last things we acquired was the crib. Purchasing a new crib is advisable, unless you can be absolutely certain the safety of the second hand crib you have your eye on has not been compromised. Drop-side rail cribs were prohibited in 2011 in line with new federal safety standards. In the end, a used crib is usually not worth the uncertainties. You should at least buy a new crib. (disclosure: Our crib was pre-owned by a trusted friend of mine.)

Should you buy an expensive crib? Let’s face it. Babies are very expensive. With all the gear that babies need, sometimes it’s hard to process all the information and cost! One of the biggest investments aside from the stroller and carseat is the crib. Not only do you have to factor in the cost, but safety standards and practicality are something you also have to consider. While the cribs pictured below are no doubt high end and beautiful, remember, an expensive crib doesn’t mean better crib. There is something for every budget.

Before purchasing anything (brand new or used), make sure that it complies with up-to-date safety standards. The spacing between the slats MUST be 2 3/8 inches or LESS to prevent a baby’s head from getting caught. Also, lead based paint may be present in older pieces.




Babies use their cribs for an average of 24 months. Every baby is different and transitioning from crib to bed is essentially up to them. For this reason, “lifetime cribs,” more commonly known as “convertible cribs” are a practical choice. The 4-in-1 lifetime cribs can transform from a standard crib, to a day bed, toddler bed and single/twin sized bed! Even if you choose the most expensive convertible crib model, you’ll still get a great deal.

In the end, if your budget allows for a fancy and safe crib that you will be happy with, then by all means, buy what will bring you joy. If the cribs below are too indulgent for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The first priority should be safety, and there are plenty of affordable crib styles that fits any budget.

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