Restarting My Blogging Journey

Oh wow, looky here! (blows dust).

It’s been a year since I’ve set foot in this joint. Everything looks the same, not a hair out of place. I’ve missed this space, but I’ve also reveled in my hiatus. I felt so uninspired since the last blog post, so I just stepped away. My original plan was to take the summer off, but then the school year started and THEN the holidays and THEN I was like, EHHH, let’s just finish the whole year and do a blog relaunch in the summer.

And well, I’m back, baby!

When I first started this blog, we were in the worst part of the pandemic. I was pretty consistent here until last August and so much has changed since then. Masks are now optional (though I will still wear one when I’m sick or if my kids are sick or if the air is bad – looking at you, wildfire season). My favorite dog and my favorite aunt both passed away within months of each other, and then her dogs came to live with me. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I think it’s time to reenter the blogging world. I never lost the passion for this blog but there was just too much on my plate this past year and I needed to let go of something. Interestingly enough, my traffic never went down during my hiatus. In fact it went up! I’m set to double my traffic from last year, and I haven’t posted anything since August 2022. THE INTERNET IS WEIRD and I pretty much gave up on understanding it.

So what’s next for this blog, you ask?

What can you expect? Well, my posting frequency will not change. For now I only have time for one post a month, whether it is from one of our lovely contributors or myself. I find that it is better for me to concentrate and make sure the content you come here for is top-notch. Consistency on social media is something I’m still working on, so don’t hold me to that just yet (wheeze). My goal is and always will be to inspire other parent-performers and also performers who wish to become parents. I hope to be able to hire more writers to share their experiences later this year or early next, so if you are interested, please pitch article ideas or go ahead and introduce yourself via the contact form, I’d love to know you! Additionally, this space will always remain safe for marginalized voices and people. I can’t promise I will always get it right, but I can promise that I will listen and continue the work.

Share your stories!

I encourage all of you to engage in the comments here or on the socials! Share your stories and maybe even pitch a blog post or two! Let’s navigate this whole transition from actor to parent and back again (maybe) together.

Thank you for sticking with me. Check back in a few weeks for a post on “Professional Jealousy” – yeah, that’s a hard one to talk about out loud, so I’m just going to write it down for you.

Got beef? Grill it up in the comments!

See you next month!


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