As of a few weeks ago, my husband and I got our first dose of the Moderna shot! Praise science!! Second dose to come and my babies can see their grandparents again!

Theatres are starting to open up, slowly and carefully. Will I be auditioning again?


As much as I wish that I wanted to jump back in when theatres et al begin to open up later this year, the answer is no. I’m not there yet.

Pandemic or not, I still have two small kids at home. I’m not ready and I’m 100% fine with that, 85% of the time. I’m okay with writing and exploring other avenues of artistic expression.

I also can’t afford new headshots, wah wah.

But. But But BUT!!!

The voice over bug has bitten me! I’m looking into building a small low budget sound studio in our guest room closet. I already have a decent microphone and a laptop. When I say low budget, I mean CHEAP AF! And I don’t need new headshots to do it!!! 

I’m talking pillows, cardboard boxes, a flashlight, and a closet. The only thing I have to buy are decent headphones. Gonna post a couple of Fiverr gigs to get me started and go from there!

Stay tuned and I’ll show you the whole setup!

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