It’s that time of year again! It’s blog hiatus time! I took a two month (well closer to three month) break from posting on the blog and social media last year and I have decided it will be a yearly tradition to clear my mind and refresh my love for this blog.

And no, I don’t NOT love this blog but sometimes a break is necessary. It will give me a chance to reassess my goals, strategize and plan for the rest of the year. I want to scale and reach more moms, so that means taking care of the technical stuff.

The past year has been great development wise. Head over to our contributors page and meet the lovely moms who’ve written for us over the last several months. As parent-artists, it’s easy to feel alone. Now we know we are not. We are in this together.

There’s also been some sadness in my personal life. I lost my favorite aunt to COVID this past January and it’s hitting me harder than I had anticipated. This hiatus will help me deal with that a little bit more. It’s not an ugly-cry situation, more of a depression / loss of motivation. I need to take a few things off my plate for a bit so this is a good time to do so.

As an update, the play/musical that I have been co-writing this past year is now in the “book” stage. Our story and outline and research have gotten us to a place where we can realistically finish the script this year! And when I said it’s a family drama, omg it’s so much drama, whoo!!!

I didn’t end up getting my voice over situation started last year, but since both kids will be in school by September, it looks like a better time to get it sorted. I can spend the school day recording without interruption!

Also, my side hustle on Etsy needs some attention. It’s looking a little dusty. Gonna polish off a few pieces and add more!

I will be back in time for my birthday in August!

Visit The Nap Ministry and be sure to schedule your own break!