My Parents’ Native Tongue

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My parents were born in the Philippines and emigrated to the United States back in the 70’s. Though Tagalog is their native language and they spoke it at home, I unfortunately didn’t retain enough of the language and I’ve been playing catch up.

I understand the spirit of what they are saying, but I cannot tell you for sure what they are saying. I know enough but I want to know more. I am inspired by this guy, Dwaine Wooley, who lives in the Philippines and speaks fluent Waray. I feel like a backwards FOB when I watch his videos. The character I played in An Infinite Ache has a huge argument with her Jewish husband about losing her culture, losing herself, disappearing down the family line. I worry about that, too. Especially in the volatile political climate we are in now. I don’t want my daughter to disregard her heritage, I want her to know that her mixed heritage is a thing of beauty.

One of my closest high school friends was a fluent Tagalog speaker and she would very patiently teach me. I also listened to songs and watched some movies to immerse myself the best that I can. I also made my parents talk to me in Tagalog. I like to think I got pretty good, but then I started to date a guy who liked to announce NO COLOR LINES whenever I would practice in front of him. I shouldn’t have let that go as easily as I did, but I was too malleable back then. I should have corrected that part of my life sooner but I wouldn’t be the first person to stick around longer than necessary. Live and learn.

Anyway, I am teaching my daughter the names of parts of the body like nose (ilong), Eyes (mata), hands (kamay), etc. I also got these Tagalog flash cards and this book to start. I’m still looking for kids songs, but that’s proven to be tougher to find.

I just wish my daughter was able to learn first hand and not through an Americanized filter like myself. But like when Marge Simpson said she was gonna teach piano lessons. “I just have to stay one lesson ahead of the kid!”

Toddlers On A Plane

Flying is terrifying if you’re just one person on a plane, never mind with a toddler. You just feel the anxiety at the gate skyrocket as soon as you arrive. Because the smiling giggling darling apple of your eye looks like a ticking time bomb never mind, you’re not supposed to say that on a plane. Anyway, we survived it, and you can too! Here’s a short list of things I recommend and a few things I learned on our recent flight to California.


Snacks. Forget Dinner. “What did you have for dinner? Pretzels and banana bread.” When flying from New York to California, bring enough food or else endure the sugary banana bread laden guilt you get while stuffing your kid full of snacks instead of something more substantial. We got to my parents’ house at about 9pm that night (midnight our time) and she was fast asleep, but hadn’t had dinner. I rolled the parenting dice and decided to wake her so she could eat. What resulted was a meltdown of epic proportions and she barely ate anything. Shoulda woulda coulda, let’s try again next time.


Crayons, coloring books, this magical water painting thingy, their favorite stuffies…anything you can fit into a bag and within the rules of air travel, BRING IT. Maybe bring something new that they haven’t seen before so the novelty lasts a little longer. What I really love are these wipeable dry erase crayons and dry erase coloring books! You can even use any dry erase book they have out there, these crayons will work fine!


Pray you get peaceable seatmates. God bless the two seemingly single people on either side of us on this gigantic metal tube. Too bad they weren’t seated next to each other. They would probably get along great. Super chill. Except the guy called me ma’am. Hmph.

I don’t believe in giving “treats” or “bribing” fellow passengers just because I have a small child with me on the plane. She has just as much right to be on that flight as you do. I will do what I can to keep her entertained and quiet because there is no escape while we are all trapped inside a big metal tube in the sky. And believe me, I don’t like hearing a child cry or scream any more than you do. However, her well being is the only one I’m responsible for. Get a pair of these and get over it. Also read “Why you shouldn’t give out goody bags while flying with a baby” by Rebecca Dube


Good for safety. Not for sanity – kiddo HATED it and wouldn’t stop complaining because she would slouch and get the strap all up in her armpits. Halfway through the flight I said f*#k it and unhooked it. She did fine with just the lap belt though I was a little uneasy. Here’s the one I used if you’re looking for one. It’s very easy to use and probably better (for us) when she gets a little bit older.


Make sure all devices are charged and loaded with movies, games and videos. No guarantee any of this will work but it should buy you some time. Take time to download your kid’s favorite movies and shows from Netflix. We watched A Curious George Christmas TWICE, lol.

And why oh why wasn’t the wifi working? C’mon United.


Kiddo wanted to hide, so I fashioned a tent out of the free blanket they gave us and turned on her favorite movie. She kept pulling the blanket down between us and wouldn’t let me watch with her. Exiled.


Make sure you have enough time to buy water before boarding, or you’ll have a parched throat and whiny toddler because she’s been inhaling pretzels for an hour. The flight attendants go as fast as they can but nothing is fast enough when you’re two.

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